A community of kids playin' for the future.

Because the learning you do in the classroom is just the start.

What really matters is how you’ll apply what you’ve learned – beyond the classroom and in the world. What will you do with your coding superpowers? With code technology as our medium, playin’ for the future starts here.

At Saturday Kids, our mission is to inspire kids to create a better future with technology, and Playroom is designed to provide kids a community to encourage them to continue coding with a purpose, develop as self-directed learners, and find the support and inspiration they need to start using code to invent a better future for themselves, others, and the planet.

Join a community of kid coders

Meet, connect and learn with with kid coders anywhere in the world.

Share what you've created

Showcase your creative coding projects  and get inspired by others!

Apply your skills with purpose

Discover opportunities to apply your coding skills to purpose-driven challenges around the world.

Visit our Playroom.

If you’re in Tokyo, come say hey and play in person.

Share what you've made with the world.

Perhaps you have questions.

So, what's Playroom all about?

Playroom is a project by Saturday Kids designed to encourage kids to explore the possibilities of coding, with an emphasis on applying their skills and knowledge to create a better future.

Our virtual platform and community aims to connect kids to opportunities to practise and apply what they’ve learned, and to share the creative coding projects they’ve made with the world.

Offline, our in-person Playroom in Tokyo, Japan serves as a drop-in space for kids with and/or without any experience to tinker with programming and hardware in a guided play-based format.

Who was Playroom built for?

We designed and built Playroom with the kids we’ve met through our camps and weekly classes at Saturday Kids in mind – but it is open to any kid curious about the potential of technology!

I've got more questions and/or feedback!

That’s great! As Playroom is currently in the Beta testing phase, we appreciate any and all constructive feedback, ideas and comments. Please get in touch via email at hello@saturdaykids.com.